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Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 33)

The software used for creating the planetary graphics is free. www.shatters.net This video available for free DL at: www.mediafire.com Creative commons licenses applies. Put simply you can whatever you want to it, bar sell it as your own work. Both Nephilimfree and Shockofgod have managed to get themselves on the front page of Conservapedia multiple times, and in this sense have qualified themselves as Why Do People Laugh at Creationists material. In many respects we should thank Donexodus2 for stirring up things with his recent ‘attempted’ debate with Nephilimfree. Nephilimfree is without a doubt a pioneer of creationist science. He is the avant garde of new creationist thought. Indeed as far as I know, he is the only ‘creationist scientist’ to be putting new ideas on the table, and shamelessly pimping them as ‘Gods truth’. Well that would of course be great if Nephilimfree was not comically scientifically illiterate. So many time when I watch his videos do I get flash backs of dealing with Venomfangx, and cannot but help feel that after half a dozen videos Nephilim will get the message that every time he says ‘science proves’, he is in reality doing nothing but prostituting his ignorance. In this case Nephilimfree seems to have latched onto the single fact that the LCROSS NASA mission found water on the moon. His creationist mind goes through all the possibilities…. ‘Noahs flood had water….. therefore the water on the Moon came from Noahs flood’…. and that would

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