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Funny Prank Call – China Fun PART 2 Asian Restaurant – OwnagePranks

This is the first time I’ve called this place back since the last video, and it is also hilarious. I hope you guys enjoy! Second channel for extras and short pranks, subscribe! : youtube.com To access the exclusive prank library and talk to me personally in ventrilo, go here: members.ownagepranks.com Use coupon 078 to make […]

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Walmart Asian Photo FUNNY Prank Call – OwnagePranks

This is a prank call to Walmart that I did on my last live show. A ton of people requested that I upload it to YouTube, so here it is 🙂 Sorry that it’s a little longer than usual, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Register on my website for more pranks and to […]

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Awesome Asian Song

The coolest Asian song ever with awesome vocals and dancing. After 3 years, I finally found out (I think) the name of the group is TRIO ORIENTAL BREGA.

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Crazy Lost Asian Tourists Prank

Group of Asian tourists get lost and ask for the directions to the metro or subway station. Aaaaah! It’s the other way, in the opposite direction – but there seems to be a language barrier, because they keep on following the people who told them where to go, nodding their heads even though they have […]

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Old Asian Man Karaoke

This old guy sings really passionately or maybe is just crazy

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Asian Stereotypes Will RULE The World

Well there you have it, I simply HAD to make a video about Asian Stereotypes. It’s just such a funny thing to talk about. No racial. I love all races. Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com More videos: www.youtube.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com Background Music: www.youtubecom www.youtube.com

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How To Be Asian For Dummies

This is our first time so be easy. Well it might look kinda like Nigahiga videos, if it is, we are truly sorry. We just want ppl to laugh cuz we love to make ppl laugh like Nigahiga. So anyway, please don’t be mean to us and NO, the swords are not real. If you […]

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� US Immigration Reform Closely Watched by South Asian Community

As U.S. lawmakers debate how to reform the country’s immigration system, the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants are hoping for an agreement. Among …

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Asian very funny

Please contact me for thousands of gags videos .. +923214081308

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Funny Asian Laugh

Just me laughing my @ss off what made me laugh was something inappropiate so I apologize if anybody is offended if they knew what I was laughing about

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Asian & Alaskan Stereotypes

Being a Korean born in Alaska, I had to deal with Alaskan stereotypes on top of the Asian stereotypes I was receiving as well. Hopefully this video proves that not all stereotypes are all true and that it’s just a generalization of who we are. Disregard the stereotype and try to understand who the person […]

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RE: UCLA Rant About Asians (Asian Stereotypes)–Dance Prodigy 3.5

I thought I’d poke some fun at this topic. Added a little spice to it also ;P Simply, I didn’t create this video to offend any race or ethnicity and I apologize if I did. Stereotypes flood our society and sometimes its good to sit back and laugh at how ridiculous some of them are. […]

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Repost – Candid Asian shoeplay dangling legs and arches face shot best ever ???.mp4

NOTE: This is a re-upload of the maybe best dangle video that has ever existed. I am NOT the user who originally made or uploaded it, i just downloaded it and now put it back to youtube now! Here are some of the best moments of the video: 0:13 – 0:33 : Checking toes / […]

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cute asian kids laughing (watch till the end!)

a magician is hired for the last day of preschool. his accent is hilarious and the kids are just so cute!

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Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are – Asian Parody “Judging By Your Car”

Eric Sean Ilanga (AKA Bruno Mars) www.youtube.com www.twitter.com ericsean.tumblr.com RockoStedy (AKA Chinaman Rapper) www.myspace.com www.youtube.com Stephen Aganan ( EDITOR/DIRECTOR) www.youtube.com twitter.com infiniteworkshtx.tumblr.com Alyssa Yuasensi (Very Pretty Girl) find her on facebook! SPECIAL SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING Amil Almacen Jessica Peng Joel Arboleda Philip Gonzales The RealestReeken youtube.com (for helpin us with the mix) MAXUS […]

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