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Re: Why do people laugh at Yahoo Answers

A: Where is Israel? B: Well, it’s in Asia, right? Well, where’s Asia? A: Well, what period are you referring to? B: Whaddaya mean, what period are you referring to? A: Well, when Israel was the Kingdom of Herod, Israel wasn’t in Asia, because Asia was only in what is now Turkey. B: Are you saying Asia has moved? A: Yes B: Okay then … Israel is in the Middle East. That is more solid, right? A: Not really. B: Huh? A: Well, the Middle East used to be in what is now called the Indian Subcontinent. B: What?!?!? A: Yep. The Middle East has moved too. The Middle East used to be called the Near East, the Westernmost of the three “Easts”. You know, the Near East, the Middle East and the Far East. B: This is getting totally crazy. A: EXACTLY!!!! Asia www.esvstudybible.org Iberia and Albania upload.wikimedia.org Pretty footloose, aren’t Iberia and Albania? Africa and Numidia (bottom left corner) www.lib.utexas.edu The original Kingdom of Macedonia, inherited by Alexander (the Great). jenniferlockett.files.wordpress.com Alexander’s Empire www.lib.utexas.edu He made it a bit bigger. A few hundred years later, it’s back where it started, but has moved a bit south. www.fordham.edu Oops! Now what’s happened? It’s moved completely outside the original “Macedonia”, and has headed east a bit! www.emersonkent.com Now look where it’s gotten to today! Look, would you just sit still? www.vbmap.org (By the way, the “Macedonia” thing gets pretty heated in Southeastern Europe these days

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