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funny baby videos

here’s a compilation of small kids acting funny!!! enjoy!!

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Scary movie funny video kids cartoon Diablo is up to his old tricks but gets foiled by a little girl on scary movie night. Produced in house, just for fun! With such great feedback, we’ve expanded this series and there is more to come so check back OFTEN! Angel Aviles McClinton and Pablo “Papas” Martinez are on a mission to […]

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just for laugh gags Statue Prank

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Funny baby Arabic dance

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Funny Dog Is Scared Of A Cat Video

If you search the internet long enough, you are sure to find something that will get you upset. Unfortunately for this dog, he just stumbled upon a collection of cat videos.CuteFunnyVideos WILL PAY YOU for your cute and funny videos!!! Send your videos to CuteFunnyVideos in a YouTube message or by submitting a video response. […]

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Just for Laugh GAGS 2012

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Just For Laugh +18 embarrassing situation.mp4

Guy’s get stop by the police and he tell them to wait in there car and he just going to get something from his carand when hookers come passed they here a honk noiise and come over to the people car to see what they want and the people get confused at why they came

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