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The best of Just For Laughs Part 2/5

part 2 enjoy !!!!!!! 1-A.Curve.Bal 2-A.Royal.Boot 3-Band.Aid 4-Petty.Theft 5-Ring.Tones 6-Total.Baggage 7-Turning.A.Blind.Eye

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Just For Laugh Gags – Prank in Japan

Just For Laugh Gags

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Renault Clio France Vs Britain Sexy Full Length Funny Commercial – 2011 New Carjam Radio

Carjam Car Radio Show — A Car Show About People Website: Twitter: Youtube: The latest campaign for the Clio features French actress “Annelise Hesme” and English actor “Jeremy Sheffield” trying to outdo each other over the superiority of each nation via a range of cultural aspects. This “France Vs Britain” – French […]

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Just For Laughs: Hot Girls Prank Two incredibly hot girls approach men sitting at a terrace and ask if they can use their seats. When they obviously say yes, the two girls walk off and leave the poor men with two angry looking old women. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for […]

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Best of just for laughs 2011 part 4

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Just For Laugh Gags,- Funny Make Up.!! lol -D

Just for laugh Gags, Funny Prank Fun Comedy Just 4 Laugh

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Brown Stereotypes

A little comedic performance on the lifestyles of … South Asian people, or more commonly known as brown people. I hope you enjoy it. Dear Viewers, this is just a joke that we can laugh along with, so please, don’t start to get technical. I do not own any music played on the video, the […]

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best snake prank ever.worth watching and “die” laughing

best snake prank i’ve ever’s worth watching when your sad or bored cuz you’l laugh in an instant.share it with your friends so that they can enjoy it aswell Disclaimer:I do not own the video,and i didn’t put this for profit or anything,just want to make people laugh.

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Just For Laughs – Jesus Makes Money Shoppers are asked to take care of a small donation box stand for a while when what looks like a crazy man in a Jesus suit shows up and gestures around it. Everyone thinks he’s just insane and pity him until the coins in the jar start multiplying. A presentation of the Just For […]

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Head in the toilet prank – Just For Laughs Imagine going to the toilet and having a head pop out of the loo! A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. JFL, the funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé! CHECK OUT OUR PLAYLISTS (more than […]

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just for laugh gags asia

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