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1650 HP RX7, “The Sleeper Part 2”, Scary and Funny, from NRE.

Nelson Racing Engines 1650 HP RX7 road video of this crazy sleeper. Awesome power in this tiny car. This car is really scarry and very fast. Some very funny video. I laughed a lot. More information and downloadable videos for your IPOD and PS3 can be found at at and http

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25 Responses to “1650 HP RX7, “The Sleeper Part 2”, Scary and Funny, from NRE.”

  1. On July 7, 2011 at 2:23 pm pakistani128 responded with... #

    wht does he has only first gear ???

  2. On July 7, 2011 at 2:09 pm jmmyjimmy106 responded with... #

    @bmxseanbmx Oh, I understood.

  3. On July 7, 2011 at 1:31 pm jmmyjimmy106 responded with... #

    @piano3man And not be as safe in the rain/other weather conditions. Or in general.

  4. On July 7, 2011 at 1:26 pm TheSleepermgm responded with... #

    what about a “rx7” is a sleeper ???? this is not a sleeper….a sleeper is a car that looks like is has nothing and when you run them they kill you,,,my car is a “sleeper”,,it looks like a granny car but kills imports all day long,,,,a marauder is the best sleeper to have ,,,,i love the look on the face of a n/a rice driver when i blow them away in my granny panther,,,,,,lol

  5. On July 7, 2011 at 12:46 pm wolfpackfan2317 responded with... #

    so why is this called a sleeper?? haha id pull up in my ss and just turn off onto another street with my tail between my legs and a white flag out my window hahaha

  6. On July 7, 2011 at 12:06 pm ActiviztA1 responded with... #

    LOL. practically who hears a car that goes that low would know it’s modified in some way. so how is this a sleeper?

  7. On July 7, 2011 at 11:28 am DeAdiSSu3 responded with... #

    @ActiviztA1 Would you really think this car has over 1,500 hp if you saw it? Nah, I wouldn’t either.

  8. On July 7, 2011 at 10:37 am DeAdiSSu3 responded with... #

    @TheSleepermgm All this car looks like is an rx7 with some bigger rear tires….safe to say, it would beat pretty much anything, even if it does spin the tires in all gears lol

  9. On July 7, 2011 at 10:30 am TheSleepermgm responded with... #

    @DeAdiSSu3 this is my point,,,,a rx7 is a damn good car,,,,

  10. On July 7, 2011 at 10:19 am 400whp240sx responded with... #

    @bmxseanbmx I don’t know if higher octane = more horsepower is being implied. I thought that was the case for years. The octane rating is a representation of how much energy is required to ignite the gasoline. Since this motor is boosted the cylinder temps are higher than that of a normally aspirated engine. He is running the higher octane fuel to keep the fuel from igniting prematurely. Thus avoiding detonation and a blown motor.

  11. On July 7, 2011 at 9:53 am bmxseanbmx responded with... #

    @400whp240sx What I’m saying is if my car was this highly modified I would never put 91 in it, but where this video was shot it appears 91 is the highest option at the pump, I am aware that he has another tank with higher octane fuel in it

  12. On July 7, 2011 at 9:47 am 400whp240sx responded with... #

    @bmxseanbmx Where are you in New Zealand? Nelson Racing Engines is located in Chatsworth, CA which is around 282 meters (925 ft) above sea level. I’m betting the lower altitude has everything to do with the higher octane ratings since the car would be ingesting a higher air density.

  13. On July 7, 2011 at 9:37 am bmxseanbmx responded with... #

    @400whp240sx I live in Auckland, but anywhere in New Zealand its the same, all petrol stations have the option of a minimum 91 unleaded all also have a 95 option, furthermore Mobil and BP offer 98 octane

  14. On July 7, 2011 at 9:24 am bigbuffbaldguy responded with... #

    @ActiviztA1 for an rx7 with 1500 plus horse..its a sleeper!!!!! Think about it???!!! It looks like MAYBE it has 350 hp……not 1650!!!! thats the sleeper part

  15. On July 7, 2011 at 8:28 am RicerEater1978 responded with... #

    smh -,- sleeper is used as much as hacked is nowadays

  16. On July 7, 2011 at 7:35 am clevo351 responded with... #

    Has this car hit the dragstrip yet? How heavy is the car with driver?
    When it goes to the track then you will know how much power it really has.

  17. On July 7, 2011 at 7:05 am Firebox3 responded with... #

    W t f ???

  18. On July 7, 2011 at 6:35 am alexoprel responded with... #

    91 octane? LOL we only have 95 or 98 @ netherlands
    😀 1.60 euro for 1 liter of 95 LOLOL EPIC FAIL

  19. On July 7, 2011 at 5:49 am boogeyratt responded with... #

    2200 RPM on the freeway isn’t really shyt when you’re going slow enough that everyone’s passing you.

  20. On July 7, 2011 at 5:07 am zacharybg17 responded with... #

    goddamn listen to that blowoff

  21. On July 7, 2011 at 4:55 am hx239 responded with... #

    fucking guy cant even stay in his lane when he steps on the gas a little bit what a baddy

  22. On July 7, 2011 at 4:11 am DizzyIfraazyy responded with... #

    Must be a transformer haha .

  23. On July 7, 2011 at 3:23 am 787Bisurdaddy responded with... #

    It really pisses me off that the first video that comes up on a search for “rx7” doesn’t even have a rotary in it.

  24. On July 7, 2011 at 3:10 am 27mulligan responded with... #

    sweet, will that motor fit my prius?

  25. On July 7, 2011 at 2:28 am TheMrmoestar responded with... #

    @bmxseanbmx even in Aus.

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